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                                                        Compressor market trend in post epidemic Era
                                                        1、 Current situation and Prospect of international compressor Market
                                                        As a general equipment widely used in industrial production, compressor has a history of more than 100 years. Especially in European and American countries, because their industrialization is relatively early, advanced and developed, they have always played a leading role in the development process of compressors from the initial piston compressor to the later twin-screw compressor, single screw compressor, centrifugal compressor and scroll compressor. Not only products and technology, but also early production and sales mode and after-sales service mode. However, with the rise of China's manufacturing industry and the expansion of the market, the compressor industry has also reaped a lot of dividends from the world's factories and jumped up. In more than ten years, it has gone through the course of nearly 100 years of foreign brands, thus making China a large compressor manufacturing country.
                                                        However, after all, the growth time of domestic compressor enterprises is still short, and there is a broad market space in China, coupled with the long-term influence of international brands in foreign markets, the export volume of Chinese compressor enterprises is not much compared with the domestic sales volume.
                                                        On the contrary, some international compressor brands enter China for marketing and plant construction through joint venture and sole proprietorship, and a large part of the dividends in the domestic market are shared by foreign enterprises.
                                                        Novel coronavirus pneumonia is highly infectious, and there is still no strong control and epidemic prevention measures abroad. The epidemic spread wilfully, resulting in a severe impact on the global economy and manufacturing industries, including China and other limited countries, both in terms of consumption and production demand. Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines and India, which claim to take over China's world factory class, are also unable to start production normally due to the epidemic and transfer orders for textiles and clothing to China. Therefore, the international compressor market in 2020 is not satisfactory, and only the Chinese market has contributed rare growth.
                                                        At present, the epidemic has been widely spread all over the world, and it is difficult to be effective by prevention and control. Only vaccination can establish a broad immune barrier and suppress the epidemic. However, both vaccine production and vaccination need time and process. I'm afraid it will take two or three years for the global economy to recover completely. Therefore, it is expected that the sluggish state of the international compressor market will continue for a long time.
                                                        2、 Current situation and Prospect of domestic compressor industry
                                                        China is a large industrial country dominated by manufacturing industry, and its development history is not long. After liberation, the national first five year plan laid the foundation for China's industry, made China get rid of the situation that even matches needed to be imported from foreign countries in the old society, and gradually established China's perfect industrial system. However, China's industrial system did not achieve all-round development until the 1990s.
                                                        China's compressor industry was developed from Russian aid projects in the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China, but the truly market-oriented enterprises were not really established until the 1990s, and in the early stage, they could only engage in assembly screwdriver factories. Therefore, it is not easy for the domestic compressor industry to develop from scratch, from weak to strong, from domestic to foreign, from assembly and wholesale to independent research and development, from fake foreign brands to hundreds of brands. Especially after entering the second decade of the 21st century, the compressor industry has made great progress by virtue of products and technologies such as permanent magnet frequency conversion and two-stage compression, making China's compressor industry an important and huge force in the world family.
                                                        After the outbreak of COVID-19, China's economic construction did not stagnate. Although the industry suffered a certain degree of impact in a short time, but due to the government's proper measures and strong action, the epidemic situation was quickly controlled, making the manufacturing industry as a whole not too much impact, so the compressor industry was a relatively lucky year in 2020.
                                                        In 2021, when the export situation of the compressor market is not optimistic, China needs to activate the market through internal circulation and absorb various economic losses caused by limited foreign aid by increasing internal demand. Therefore, the compressor industry may not have a high explosive growth this year as last year. On the other hand, although the domestic manufacturing industry itself has not been greatly affected, due to the superposition of various factors including epidemic situation, politics and trade, the price rise of raw materials is very exaggerated. From steel, aluminum and copper to motor bearings and lubricants, the price is being adjusted. The epidemic spread again in the new year. Although China's economic construction has not stalled due to the impact of the epidemic, it has caused tension in some areas, some factories have been shut down for holidays and isolated at home. These make us realize that the epidemic is far from gone and the anti epidemic continues, which will also bring great uncertainty to the compressor market in 2021.
                                                        3、 Compressor industry under epidemic normalization
                                                        The epidemic situation does not exist now. Since ancient times, the epidemic situation has coexisted with mankind and broke out from time to time. There were many epidemic cases in modern times. For example, the outbreak of plague in Harbin in 1900, Dr. Wu lien was ordered to extinguish the disease in a short time. But in the following ten years, there were two large-scale outbreaks. SARS broke out in 2003, and then there were avian flu, Ebola virus and so on.
                                                        It can be said that human history is the history of fighting against epidemic diseases. However, in addition to fighting the epidemic, human beings also have to survive and develop, carry out production and economic activities. Therefore, economic activities under the epidemic are unstoppable. We should pay attention to the epidemic and constantly develop our own economy.
                                                        As long as there is an epidemic in one corner of the world, the anti epidemic will not end. Only when the world joins hands to fight the epidemic and completely eliminate the epidemic can the world economy really return to the right track. However, it is obviously impossible to achieve in the short term. Therefore, in the post epidemic era, it will become normal to carry out epidemic prevention and control while carrying out production development, which may last for a long time. Therefore, for the compressor industry and enterprises, we should not only get used to the ups and downs of the market, but also constantly strengthen our health and improve the ability of enterprises to survive and deal with risks, so as to make China's compressor industry usher in a new spring!